J.T. is a third grade boy who was diagnosed just before his fifth birthday on January 29th, 2007 with Wilms Tumor, which is a form of kidney cancer in children. The only symptoms that JT had was the stomach flu along with a small size bump on his right abdomen. As a worried mother I had him to the doctor’s office the next morning.  

Dr. Winner ran a series of x-rays, ultrasound, and multiple Ct-scans.  The next morning we were given the results of the test. Dr. Winner then told us that he is referring us to Toledo Children’s Hospital to meet with two oncologists, Dr. Strunk and Dr. Stein. I remember the drive seeming really long.  John and I just kept telling ourselves he was going to be okay.  His doctors removed his right kidney, which had become the size of a cantaloupe. J.T. then underwent 8 treatments of radiation, and chemotherapy for a year and a half before going into remission. He remained in good health until we had received the news in April, 2009, that he had relapsed. The spot that had remained in his left kidney, which the doctors called a nephrogenic rest, had turned into cancer. After several doctors’ opinions, he was immediately scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor and save as much of his left kidney as possible. Shortly after the biopsy report, J.T. was scheduled for six treatments of radiation followed by thirty-one treatments of chemotherapy. The repetitive cycle began with outpatient chemotherapy once a week followed by a two week break, and then a four day stay at the hospital for daily chemotherapy, along with Blood & Platelet transfusion. J.T. is now 8 months cancer free and he had a wonderful summer.  He enjoyed playing summer ball, being with his friends and going back to school. He will be reevaluated on September 27th, 2010. Our family holds onto faith & prayers that brings victory to the fight.


Although J.T. has gone through so much at such a young age he never seems to stop amazing us throughout his journey. His bright smile and positive attitude has worn off onto the entire family as well as others. He never complained about receiving chemotherapy or having to go to the hospital; he just simply held his head high and knew he was given a big fight against his cancer. At one time during his journey he began talking about angels and heaven. That is when we knew his faith was helping him through all of his pain. J.T. is an inspiration to us all and has become a hero to our family and all of his loved ones. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, cards, and gifts. I will be so happy to give what we can to Conquer Childhood Cancer.