Maddy Lambert’s Story


Our journey began on Thursday, November 12, 2009 when our youngest daughter Maddy was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia at the age of 6. Earlier in the week, Maddy had been complaining of pain in her leg and was running a low grade fever. On Tuesday, Russ, her dad, took Maddy to see our family doctor who did an X-Ray and ordered some blood work. The results of the blood work came back with some peculiar findings, and we were quickly referred to St. Vincent Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo.

We arrived at Mercy Children’s Hospital at 1:00 on Thursday.  By Friday evening, the diagnosis of ALL was confirmed, Maddy had surgery to insert a port, and she had received her first round of chemo and steroids. While Russ and I just wanted to stop time, we were thankful that the doctors and nurses moved quickly to get Maddy on the road to recovery.


Over the next 15 months, we made numerous trips to Mercy Children’s Hospital chemotherapy, spinal taps, and blood transfusions. The doctors, nurses, and support staff became our new “family”.  There were some months that we often spent more time in the hospital than we did at our own home.


Then, on February 3, 2011, Maddy went for her monthly chemo treatment and a spinal tap. Upon testing, the doctors found leukemia cells in Maddy's spinal fluid. We went back to the hospital the next day for further tests of her bone marrow. They determined that Maddy had an “Isolated Relapse of the Central Nervous System”- leukemia cells in her spinal fluid.  She had relapsed!  It was like we were starting all over again!  Two more years of treatment, no school, no hair... our hearts were broken! 


Maddy is still currently undergoing treatment.  She amazes us everyday with her strength and courage!  She inspires us to keep going and have a positive outlook on life.


Through all of this, our family has also been blessed to be surrounded by family and friends who have loved us, prayed for us, and given us hope.




     Our family:

     Dad - Russ

     Mom - Dorothy

     Big Sis - Julia


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